Road Surface Treatment
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  2. Dust Control & Road Stabilization
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  6. Dust Control & Road Stabilization
Are you tired of dusty washboarded roads?
We've got the solution!
Our road treatment will virtually eliminate dust and make your road or driveway extremely hard. It is by far the best product I have used and it works!
Every year people ask us, "what can I do to make my dirt road last longer?" We've found the solution. Whether you just want your road/driveway surface to last longer or you are just tired of having to wash your car every week this stuff solves both problems! The Treatment we use actually pulls moisture from the air and holds onto it, making your road act like its wet. The coffee color is a tree sap binder that holds the dirt particles together making your road/driveway surface super hard and last longer. If you already have grey basecourse and want to make it an "earth tone" color, no need to spend the extra money on a brown base course, just treat it and enjoy all of the benifits!
We will wet, regrade and compact your road/driveway. Drainage is of utmost importance on any driveway so we make sure that everything slopes and drains as it should. After that is finished, we spray the road surface and let treatment do the rest. 

This picture shows the change in color from Waldo grey basecourse.